Introduction snippet to my new book.

Day after day, I wait, and wait and wait for M. Lauryl Lewis to get her ultimate karma for being a huge braggart and liar manipulator.  Nothing happens to her.  Just like nothing happened to the other person that lies to everyone just like M. Lauryl Lewis.  She continues to post online with AJ Goode trying to act like I’m the “bad guy” when really those two people are the bad guys and they continue to fool everybody.

No one will unfollow them, and no one else will call them out besides me even though I have regular readers who keep coming back here every day to read about these two rancid people but won’t say anything to them.  I often wonder if people standing idly by doing nothing to support me would do if it was them who was in my situation.  Would they want people to just read about these two horrible people and do nothing about it, or would they want people to support them to get something done about these two people and their lies they post?

I decided to indulge myself in my hobbies and my own things rather than waiting for something to happen to these two horrible people to humble themselves.  We know that life is cruel, unfair, and unjust.  Nothing happens to the terrible people things should be happening to and hard workers like me get my name slandered and I don’t get the credit that I truly deserve for my writing because these two people are severely jealous of ME.


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