See M. Lauryl Lewis below. She keeps taking pictures of her pets, but she doesn’t actually spend time with them.

Again, part of being a good pet owner is actually spending time with pets…not obsessing over online strangers and parading yourself online to be the “good” person you’re not.

Taking five seconds to take a picture to “brag” about her pets being alive yet the rest of the time she spends online stalking and lying about me. I’d love to see this day when M. Lauryl Lewis gets her ultimate karma for being a liar manipulator. So far nothing has happened for this woman to humble herself…she keeps being a huge braggart in everything!!! If she has to brag about everything she has and does is her life really that great? I wonder.

For someone who claims to be spending time with her pets, how does M. Lauryl Lewis have all this time to obsess over online strangers? 2 & 2 don’t add up!!1



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