The Reality

So I told my church and my real life people about how these two wannabe writers have been stalking me for the past 6 to 7 years…but because they live in different states, nothing can be done about their slander about me.

If they had lived near by, they would have already been dealt with harassing me and stalking me.  I’m not bothered by the content they post about me.

I’m concerned how A.J. Goode & M. Lauryl Lewis are lying to their real life people and that their real life people seem to think it’s a-okay for these two crackpots to be around their children even though they say disgusting, nasty things online which should be a concern for anyone who actually associates with these two.

This would definitely be a great book story but see…I’m having trouble writing about these two boring people so I can’t really finish the book…basically the premise is how there are a trio of failed elder writers stalking me for being better than them.  They have no shame in being more immature than me and they continue to post drama on their professional writing pages and yet their followers still follow them.

Are people really that desperate for followers they don’t care what the hell they follow that they follow these two pitiful people? Seems like it.


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