Another Excerpt:

Yes, this will be a real book.  And I just got done writing the introduction to it and more.

I see it’s truly utterly pointless directly responding to these wannabe “haters” since they still want to parade themselves as the “victim” and lie to people on their twitters and Facebook rather than apologizing for wasting everyone’s time with this nonsense.  I think I will get some compensation from writing this book about their harassment once people know about it.  And I want to address how people can get away with being cyber attacked because they are far away.  If they lived near me, they definitely would have been dealt with with their unwanted messages toward me and lies as well.

The nerve of these people to say they’re the ones being bombarded when they talk shit about me all day on  I don’t really know who they’re trying to fool because once they go to /r/vazdas they see that these people purposely seek my attention to get a reaction out of me.

This issue needs to be address. Authors who slander other authors shouldn’t be allowed to publish.  It’s that simple if they feel the need to try to take down other people’s hard work just because they failed…why should they have the rights to publish?

Then again, I’m not wasting time doing to their books what they’re doing to my stories.  They aren’t even ranked…that’s why I’m not threatened by them and that’s why they’re the ones who spend all day obsessing over me.


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