Yeah, no one feels sorry for @mlauryllewis or @goodeaj for being “stalked” since they’re the ones who keep it going. @mlauryllewis is still wasting time falsely reporting my Facebook posts. I’m glad I can post her ugly pictures on Word Press all I want with the truth about her pictures and she can’t do shit on Word Press since it’s a free for all. You wanna talk shit about other people…people can say whatever about you. :)

It’s easy to manipulate the Facebook admins for @mlauryllewis…yet she has been unsuccessful to get her pictures taken down on my blog.  That’s what you get for spamming MY pictures you pathetic wannabe. 🙂

She spams my views to try to tamper with my stats because she wants me to delete my blog.  She had actually celebrated the other time when I took down my other blog…now that I know what her goal is for mass spamming me, I’m definitely leaving this blog up with all her pictures…especially since she’s not deleting anything she posted about me.

Guess you can say returning the favor.   Except I’m not a coward like you.  I don’t say “she” and I directly link people to your pages so they can see how truly rancid and manipulative you try to be.


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