Just remember real karma has a way of coming full circle when a person least expects it.

Life is nice when I don’t pay any attention to the low lives of society.  If I’m not bothered by jerks I see in person, I certainly couldn’t care less about the Internet keyboard warriors.  I’m going to let their own ways be their downfall since obviously nothing is happening to these people to humble themselves when I try to make things happen.

After years of sitting at this blog with no response, hopefully Marcy Henshaw/Zombie Diva will die off and get a life of its own.

My friends are awesome!!! They say this batshit lady on the Internet is trying to convince herself she has a “fabulous” life by bragging about it. If it was truly “fabulous” she wouldn’t have to “take pics” to prove it. Watch…and another update for /r/vazdas to type about. I noticed she still goes to my blog every single day at least 30-50 times a day even though I hadn’t updated it.

I told my friend group how Marcy Henshaw & Co keeps talking about me on the Internet trying to rub in my face how she has a “fabulous” life.  My friends say if she has to brag about her life being “great” it’s not really all that great…I’m like I know right? Who is she trying to convince?  I told my friends I actually feel sorry for this warped lady that sits on the Internet all day…this is what she literally gets up for and does nothing else with her time.  She can take a few pics acting like she does other things, frankly…all it takes is a few seconds to take pictures and then Marcy & AJ Goode go back on the Internet bragging about their so-called “fabulous” life.  What a pathetic life to live!

We know that M. Lauryl Lewis & AJ Goode are very mentally ill in the head who sit on /r/vazdas all day long typing updates to their phantom readers.

I’ve been talking about them to my real life people lately.  They say M. Lauryl Lewis & AJ Goode are Satan trying to pretend to be “good” people.  I agree.  In fact, I even told my real life people M. Lauryl Lewis makes anonymous names calling herself Satan so she pretty much is…

My real life people say why do I need to waste time on this worthless piece of shit that is Marcy Henshaw?  She’s not shit and she’s trapped in her own personal hell along with AJ Goode.  My real life people are right.  I don’t need to waste time on these pathetic self-obsessed, unattractive souls very demented and warped people.

M. Lauryl Lewis & AJ Goode are failed elder writers who wrote for greed and didn’t make shit.  Now they claim it’s not about the money when it was always about the money and the followers for them…that’s why they shout out loud every time they get a new follower, lmao!!!  Yet, they think they’re better than other writers and that they should be super famous, lolol.

Yeah, no one feels sorry for @mlauryllewis or @goodeaj for being “stalked” since they’re the ones who keep it going. @mlauryllewis is still wasting time falsely reporting my Facebook posts. I’m glad I can post her ugly pictures on Word Press all I want with the truth about her pictures and she can’t do shit on Word Press since it’s a free for all. You wanna talk shit about other people…people can say whatever about you. :)

It’s easy to manipulate the Facebook admins for @mlauryllewis…yet she has been unsuccessful to get her pictures taken down on my blog.  That’s what you get for spamming MY pictures you pathetic wannabe. 🙂

She spams my views to try to tamper with my stats because she wants me to delete my blog.  She had actually celebrated the other time when I took down my other blog…now that I know what her goal is for mass spamming me, I’m definitely leaving this blog up with all her pictures…especially since she’s not deleting anything she posted about me.

Guess you can say returning the favor.   Except I’m not a coward like you.  I don’t say “she” and I directly link people to your pages so they can see how truly rancid and manipulative you try to be.

Another Excerpt:

Yes, this will be a real book.  And I just got done writing the introduction to it and more.

I see it’s truly utterly pointless directly responding to these wannabe “haters” since they still want to parade themselves as the “victim” and lie to people on their twitters and Facebook rather than apologizing for wasting everyone’s time with this nonsense.  I think I will get some compensation from writing this book about their harassment once people know about it.  And I want to address how people can get away with being cyber attacked because they are far away.  If they lived near me, they definitely would have been dealt with with their unwanted messages toward me and lies as well.

The nerve of these people to say they’re the ones being bombarded when they talk shit about me all day on http://www.reddit.com/r/vazdas.  I don’t really know who they’re trying to fool because once they go to /r/vazdas they see that these people purposely seek my attention to get a reaction out of me.

This issue needs to be address. Authors who slander other authors shouldn’t be allowed to publish.  It’s that simple if they feel the need to try to take down other people’s hard work just because they failed…why should they have the rights to publish?

Then again, I’m not wasting time doing to their books what they’re doing to my stories.  They aren’t even ranked…that’s why I’m not threatened by them and that’s why they’re the ones who spend all day obsessing over me.

It’s sad how these two slanderous stalkers AJ Goode & M. Lauryl Lewis are getting away with what they’re doing to their readers and real life people.

Her own readers have no self-respect, either…I guess that’s why they still follow those bully “authors.”  If they had any respect for humanity, they wouldn’t support nasty braggart people who have nothing to boast about.

They don’t even care how this woman makes fake anonymous accounts saying batshit crazy things because she claims she can deny those anonymous accounts even though she knows very well she is the one who is behind those nasty accounts.

Rather than wasting time responding to that crackpot, I’m just going to continue finish writing my book about these two fraudulent authors.  Hopefully, something will be done about people who cheat in the writing industry.