Introduction snippet to my new book.

Day after day, I wait, and wait and wait for M. Lauryl Lewis to get her ultimate karma for being a huge braggart and liar manipulator.  Nothing happens to her.  Just like nothing happened to the other person that lies to everyone just like M. Lauryl Lewis.  She continues to post online with AJ Goode trying to act like I’m the “bad guy” when really those two people are the bad guys and they continue to fool everybody.

No one will unfollow them, and no one else will call them out besides me even though I have regular readers who keep coming back here every day to read about these two rancid people but won’t say anything to them.  I often wonder if people standing idly by doing nothing to support me would do if it was them who was in my situation.  Would they want people to just read about these two horrible people and do nothing about it, or would they want people to support them to get something done about these two people and their lies they post?

I decided to indulge myself in my hobbies and my own things rather than waiting for something to happen to these two horrible people to humble themselves.  We know that life is cruel, unfair, and unjust.  Nothing happens to the terrible people things should be happening to and hard workers like me get my name slandered and I don’t get the credit that I truly deserve for my writing because these two people are severely jealous of ME.

See M. Lauryl Lewis below. She keeps taking pictures of her pets, but she doesn’t actually spend time with them.

Again, part of being a good pet owner is actually spending time with pets…not obsessing over online strangers and parading yourself online to be the “good” person you’re not.

Taking five seconds to take a picture to “brag” about her pets being alive yet the rest of the time she spends online stalking and lying about me. I’d love to see this day when M. Lauryl Lewis gets her ultimate karma for being a liar manipulator. So far nothing has happened for this woman to humble herself…she keeps being a huge braggart in everything!!! If she has to brag about everything she has and does is her life really that great? I wonder.

For someone who claims to be spending time with her pets, how does M. Lauryl Lewis have all this time to obsess over online strangers? 2 & 2 don’t add up!!1


The Reality

So I told my church and my real life people about how these two wannabe writers have been stalking me for the past 6 to 7 years…but because they live in different states, nothing can be done about their slander about me.

If they had lived near by, they would have already been dealt with harassing me and stalking me.  I’m not bothered by the content they post about me.

I’m concerned how A.J. Goode & M. Lauryl Lewis are lying to their real life people and that their real life people seem to think it’s a-okay for these two crackpots to be around their children even though they say disgusting, nasty things online which should be a concern for anyone who actually associates with these two.

This would definitely be a great book story but see…I’m having trouble writing about these two boring people so I can’t really finish the book…basically the premise is how there are a trio of failed elder writers stalking me for being better than them.  They have no shame in being more immature than me and they continue to post drama on their professional writing pages and yet their followers still follow them.

Are people really that desperate for followers they don’t care what the hell they follow that they follow these two pitiful people? Seems like it.

Goode for a Laugh.

Yes, I do laugh at this woman…not in the humor way, but in a sad, pathetic kind of way like how can someone be so self-obsessed and she has absolutely nothing to brag about?

She is so pathetic and immature I really find that hard to believe she’s a mother.  With the way she carries herself online, you’d think she’s a bratty stuck up, know-it-all teenager!!!

Practice what you preach.

It’s ironic this whole time AJ Goode has been harassing me to stop complaining about the douche bags that did me wrong and to “suck it up” and she doesn’t even take her own advice and continues to downward spiral in her self-obsessed self-pitying ways and she’ll stay single forever especially if someone she dates finds her twitter account and her books she writes about.

wah wah wah, somebody’s “stalking you” even though you do the same exact thing the other people…you can log off the Internet…what’s stopping you from deleting your accounts? no one will “stalk” you if you leave people on the Internet alone.

AJ Goode is often seen whining about being a single mom on her tweets…just look at how she tweets, would you date that negative self-pitying Nancy? She wonders why she’s single…honestly…

That’s like her complaining about being fat but not actually going to the gym to work it off, lmfao…no one feels sorry for her. She brings it upon herself.

Who wants to date a self-obsessed, unattractive, manipulative fat hippo cunt? Seriously…at least one of my wannabe “haters” got her karma and her ex husband divorced that fat hippo

rather than bettering herself, AJ Goode continues to play the victim card to her own doing.  that’s really sad that she allows her bad situations to self destruct her. shame.  I actually feel sorry for her.

Check it out guys, @goodeaj is trying to pretend to being the victim! That’s what you get for stalking my blog and one starring my books/short stories, supporting Marcy, and not leaving me alone you manipulative fat hippo cunt. AJ Goode HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME AND STILL DOES NOT OWN UP TO HER WRONG DOINGS.

Someone call the wahmbulance for Aj Goode lolol.  She wants to cry about being “stalked” when she is the one who creates fake accounts with Marcy to one star people’s works then she wants to get mad and play victim when it gets done back to her…unbelievable right people?  She claims she’s a “grown-up” Last time I checked, real grown ups mind their own businesses. They don’t continue to stalk ME, lie about it and then pretend to be the victim.

Once people see my blog they will clearly see you bring it upon yourself.  I noticed she only got one like for that tweet.


And I will continue to blog and write about you until you stop stalking my sites, until you stop mentioning me and when you finally leave me alone.  I’m simply responding to your fake one star reviews about me…